Méharées ou randonnées chamelières


During the camel or camel rides, you live a nomadic life. All the way, every day you make a step and every evening you install a new bivouac. When night falls, near the fire, you will enjoy delicious local cuisine prepared by your guides.

Without doubt this is the best way to discover the Sahara … Far from the tracks used by the 4 × 4 you will walk among the dunes in magnificent landscapes.

The day unfolds to the rhythm of the sun and at night you will sleep under thousands of stars … The camel or camel treks allow a return to basics. Nothing unnecessary, everything that makes life is carried on the trailer or found locally.

During Méharée camels carry your luggage and others are available to take you when you feel like it. No obligation, you can stop the camels to go up or down each time you wish.

And when the camel trek there are only camels for luggage, walking beside them.

According to your wishes and possibilities, two options are available:

The package « airport / airport »

In this case we take care of you when you land and accompany you until your return flight. Usually the total length of stay of a week or two.

Routes a week
Routes 11 and 12 days
Itineraries two weeks
Camel or camel rides to the map

According to your wishes you choose your route and duration. For example you can get your own way to Douz and Ksar Ghilane and we organize for you as part camel or camel trek.

In order to facilitate your preparation, check the list of equipment to be expected

Just try, you go in the afternoon and come back the next morning: A night in the desert with camels are all from Douz, the desert is
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