Tours with our 4×4

The southern region
To discover the Tunisian south in 4×4 we offer various 4 × 4 circuits during which you can discover with us three well differentiated regions.First of all, the southeast region. It is an area of beautiful ocher mountains where we discover many Berber villages. Of course the best known as Matmata, Toujane, Chenini but also beautiful ksour less known. All these places bear witness to the rich past of this Berber region.In the center we discover the area of Bedouin tradition where Douz has grown around its market. For a very long time it has been the place of traditional trade between nomads and sedentaries. A little further west, small oases like Zaafrane or Sabria are in perpetual struggle against the sand that invades them. Finally, to the south of these oases the vegetation disappears and the Sahara of our imagination begins. As far as the eye can see, lie the dunes of the great oriental erg. During your excursion you will be able to sleep in full Sahara either in bivouac or in camp. The night under the starry sky of the desert is an unforgettable experience! This region is really the ideal place for 4 × 4 tours as many places are not accessible for private cars.Finally, it is around Tozeur that extends the region of Jerid where are the largest oases producing delicious dates « deglet nour ». In the mountains, not far from the Algerian border, springs spring and small oases offer their shade. First Tamerza and its waterfalls, then Midès and its canyons and finally the very charming Chebika are a very interesting excursion goal. These mountain oases are only accessible during 4 × 4 tours.

4 × 4 circuits: the formulas
Everything is possible, we work « à la carte ». To create your trip to your taste you choose your dates and you imagine your itinerary. You can also choose your hotels and of course your fellow travelers! The 4 × 4 circuits allow you to go in small groups, each 4 × 4 can carry 4 people in addition to the driver.

On this site we give you a one week itinerary in « package » as an example but we can do especially for you the circuit that you want.

If you have booked an all inclusive stay in a hotel you will probably want to discover the « authentic » Tunisia. In this case we offer several excursions from your hotel in Djerba or Zarzis as our 2 day trip to the desert. In this way you will be able to discover the whole south-east region. Probably you will want to spend a night in the desert. to achieve this dream we offer a « wild » camp in the middle of nowhere or a step in our camp Zmela, you will live an extraordinary experience. It is also possible to leave for a single day.

In reality you can invent many more with the formula « à la carte » by choosing your « style »

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